Work With Me

I have been there. Frustrated and tired and not sure why things are not selling but not knowing what to do next. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have another set of eyes on your business from someone who’s been there and can walk you through it?


How am I qualified? 
I have built my own handmade business from the ground up and now have over 10k sales in an extremely competitive market. Each year I have seen growth in my business both on Etsy and outside of Etsy having numerous 5 figure months, consistent 4 figure weeks and even 4 figure days.

I am in the trenches. I know what it takes to sell on Etsy NOW,  not tips used for selling 4 or 5 years ago because Etsy changes you have to change with it. Through experience, in-depth research and trial and error,  I have learned tried and true methods to selling on Etsy and can speak from real experience.


What will you get?

You will get a 30-45 minute video of me going through your Etsy shop sharing with you specific things in your shop that should be improved. You will be able to see what I see when I go into your Etsy shop.

Once there I will go through what you are doing well with your business as well as the top three areas that I feel would be most important to address and specific actions you can take to improve your business.
Each video is personalized and unique to your shop.


My turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.