Where to Find Craft Shows to Sell Your Handmade Products

The holidays are coming and for many, that means craft fairs, holiday shows and bazaars – places where you can set up shop and sell your handmade goodies. When I first started selling handmade, I knew I wanted to participate in events like this, but didn’t even know where to look into doing a show. I just knew I wanted to give it a try and sell.

Fast forward 6+ years and now I have a set couple of shows I do every year and focus on those. For me, I’ve found the ones that work best for me, my business and my family.

So here is a great list of ways you can find holiday shows in your area.



Groups – Facebook has tons of groups for anything and everything. If you’re not part of a local group, especially a business focused local group, join one. They have tons of information and knowledge to draw from. Right now I belong to a local mom-owned business group I love and who are very helpful.

Search Events – On Facebook you can search events. Go to the left sidebar where it says ‘Events’ and when you click on it, you can first see any events you’ve been invited to or are going to but then if you scroll down you can see events near your area, suggested events, events your friends might be going to and at the very bottom there are different categories of events where you can go into the ‘fine arts / crafts’ as well as some others to find where to sell your items.

Ask local friends and family – Write a post to all locals that you are already friends with on Facebook and ask if they have heard of or go to any local shows. I’ve done this and found it to be a great way to find new potential craft shows.



Festival Net has a big list of craft shows and events. There is a paid component, which I have never personally used but from it, I have been able to see the names of the shows then find them either on google or Facebook to get more information or contact info.


Local City Websites or Local Chamber of Commerce Sites

Contact the local chamber or visitors bureau in the areas you’re seeking craft shows. Usually, they have a list on hand of events going on in the city.



Yes, you can Google it. Google the words ‘craft show’, ‘bazaar’, ‘holiday boutique’, ‘holiday show’, ‘craft festival’ and you can find a lot of options. At the top of the page it shows events in your area or you can add it to your search terms. Like for me I would look up “Portland Oregon craft show” and that brings up a lot of results.



There are some posted if you look up the terms “craft fair”, “craft show”, “bazaar” “farmers market” in the events section and sometimes you can find shows. This is where I found one of the shows I love and still continue with.


Etsy Local

If you go on Etsy’s main page and scroll to the bottom you will see a button that says “Etsy Local” and you can find a big list.


Start your own show!

This is one of my favorites. By far I do best at local home shows. One that I did I found just through talking to other makers who were at a small local show (one that I found out about through asking local friends) and when another maker and I got to talking she mentioned she was going to do a home show and needed another vendor and asked if I would like to join. She had a big house where she hosted it at, we all brought some snacks for locals to eat and then had our own little area/table to sell at. I now work with a different group of favorite local handmade biz owners and we do a yearly home show (though sometimes we do a show before mothers day) This is also hosted at another makers house. Right now we have 5 vendors and I always do very well. We all invite our friends, have great snacks, fun holiday music.


Hopefully this helps you wonderful makers find places to sell your stuff.


For any of you seasoned sellers out there who have done shows before, how did you find out about them?

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