Review of the DYMO 4XL Thermal Laser Printer

So here she is, the label printer you hear all the online sellers talk about. 


I must admit I was skeptical at first. Probably because I’m always a bit skeptical about any craze or trend. Just call me a nonconformist.

Also, I was skeptical because I already had a really good shipping strategy in place (You can see more about it in my “12 Things I’ve learned shipping over 10,000 orders” which is really more like 20k orders). I’m no stranger to shipping and am shipping orders all the time all to countries around the world.


This little printer kept popping up in my Facebook feed, from questions that I get from you guys and in talking with other makers. So in my head I was like,  “What can this little machine do that my half sheet label paper and printer where I refill my own ink for cheap do? Is it really any better?”

I knew I wanted to try it out mostly out of curiosity, partially to share my experience with it with you guys and maybe a small part to prove it isn’t as good as what everyone is saying.


When it last went on sale in December during one of Amazon’s deals I purchased it knowing I wouldn’t use it for a while because I was in the throes of Christmas orders. It takes me some time to adjust to changes and I don’t like to make big changes when I’m in my busy seasons. But I had a great holiday season selling wise so I thought I’d invest in one and see what all the hype was about.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, which was over six months after I originally purchased it and I finally took some time late one night to figure it all out. The setup wasn’t too bad which is saying a lot considering I don’t think of myself as a tech savvy person. I did make a couple of mistakes but they were pretty easily fixed with some light reading and a YouTube tutorial.

I found it was easy to setup and print labels. Here you can see the option to print it on Etsy:

And here is the option on Shopify.



After using it for 3 weeks I have found I am glad that I bought it and wish I would have earlier. My reasons:

  • The only ongoing cost is the labels themselves which are relatively inexpensive as opposed to labels and ink for a normal injet printer (plus the printer cost)
  • It is easy to set up (If I can do it anyone can!)
  • There are a lot of tutorials on how to troubleshoot problems
  • The lables are laser printed so no you won’t have ink running if your mail gets a little wet which happens a lot (especially here in Oregon!)
  • Labels make your packages look more professional especially if you are using regular paper and taping it on
  • Because they are labels, all you have to do is print and put it on your package which makes shipping much faster


I am still keeping my printer with all my half sheet labels (which I recommend to EVERYONE who ships anything). I will continue to refill my ink cartridges which I also recommend if you don’t go the DYMO route, it has saved me a ton of money and isn’t nearly as hard as you think. Just YouTube refilling your printer cartridges and your printer name/model. Now my normal printer will be my backup in case anything happens. I always like to have backups with things because you just never know…. Though when my trusty regular printer kicks the bucket I will be getting a color laser one.

It looks like right now they are on sale and are at the price I paid last time it was on sale. So if you’re wanting to up your shipping game I would recommend it to any online seller.


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