Why You Need a Biz BFF

A “BFF” in real life is someone who will support you, encourage you, commiserate with you, and just be there for you. They share in your joys and in heartaches. They know you better than anyone.


Sometimes real life BFF’s don’t translate well into business ones because while they love you and want you to do well, they don’t know and understand the ins and outs of what you do. I could talk for hours about product photography, SEO, social media strategies but my friends in real life, if they were honest, could probably only stand listening to me talk for a few minutes. They have no real interest in it but love me for all the other parts of me.


A Biz BFF is someone you can talk to about all those business things because they are right there with you in the trenches.


A large group of like-minded people, like those you find on facebook, can be a wonderful resource but having a small group of a few biz besties who know you and your business, can help give you more customized feedback and be extremely benificial.


Benefits of having a Biz BFF

  • They will support and encourage you
  • They can help with your SEO in commenting, liking on social media
  • They make great sounding boards and can help generate new ideas
  • They can help you make it through tough times when you want to give up
  • They can become great real friends even outside of business
  • They can help hold you accountable for your goals and keep you focused
  • They can truly celebrate successes with you because they understand what it took
  • They are great for collaborating with
  • Often they are the first to buy or promote you and your products



Where to find a Biz BFF

It can be hard finding that perfect someone to work with and usually it takes time. But look around, ask around. Pay attention to those business owners you are naturally drawn to. Be bold and ask!

  • In real life through networking groups and your community
  • In the groups you might already be in
  • Those you meet on social media


What to do once you find your Biz BFF:

There are so many things you can do. Pick some things you’d like to work on together with them that would be most helpful to everyone.


Share Knowledge – Everyone has different talents. Some people have a really great eye for design and can easily see how things can be laid out to make the most perfect Instagram post. Some people are more analytical and have a firm understanding of SEO and how to improve . Then there are some who are great writers and can write the most beautiful product descriptions or well-worded answer to a customer’s question or bad review.

So figure out what your strengths are and take some time to teach and coach what area each person is best at. That could be a presentation, a word document, even just a scheduled conversation or Q&A.


Set Engagement Goals Create goals for engagement, commenting on each others social media posts or blog posts. This can help with engagement on social media platforms.

Note for Etsy sellers: I would not recommend doing ‘favorites for favorites’ on etsy because they are now looking more closely at conversion, so how many likes per number of times purchases and unless those favoriting items are purchasing it can do more damage than good.


Do a Product Review/Swap – If you have similar target markets you can swap items (I would recommend keeping items to close to an equal value) then do a product review and share it with others on social media. You can also give each other honest feedback about packaging, presentation, quality…..


Swap Products This is fun because you each would get something fun from the other. Who doesn’t love happy mail? But this also would allow the receiver to critique a products packaging and how it was received. Did the packaging hold up to all the moving around with the postal service? Was it packaged nicely and fun to open? This is something I wish I had done when I first started. My packaging was horrible and I wish someone would have told me that!


Give Honest Critiques – Take a critical look at each others shop or website and suggest ways to improve the customers experience. Remember to be nice but honest.


Set Goals Together – Take some time to make a couple of realistic goals and schedule times to check in and hold each other accountable. This could be goals for just about anything depending on your business. Maybe it’s improving SEO on 3 products a day. Or making graphics for an upcoming project. Whatever it is, make the goal specific and realistic then follow up.


Who’s your Biz BFF?


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